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Orange Peel

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two in one day

This video blew me away the first time I saw it. I could care less about the music but the art in the vid is eye opening


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So You Had A Bad Day...

Mine was worse

I left my Aunt's house in Virginia at 8am to head for the University of Maryland at 1030. Along with about 30 other teenagers, I embarked on an amazing information session that would taking boring to new heights. The hour long adventure was followed by a 90 minute walking tour in sub freezing temperatures. Don't get me wrong, the campus is beautiful under three feet of snow...just try telling my feet that. Okay so all this was supposed to wet my appetite for the university before I met with an admissions counselor about my decision, they might as well have put cough syrup on my palate and watch me suffer. After enduring over two and a half hours of lover banter my meeting with the counselor was met with, "Congratulations, you have been accepted to the Spring 2011 semester"
Umm say again?
Well turns out that Maryland receives over 25,000 applications and admits only 4,000. Instead of creating a wait list for those who are capable of being at the university they admit them a semester late. No worries though, if chosen to go to school on time in the fall, they will let you know by the end of June. The deadline for regular decision is May 1st....
Needless to say I was underwhelmed by my late decision which I believe to be the result of my lost transcript and recommendation on the part of the University not relieving them from my school.
While I was bummed, I knew the day could not get any worse.

I was wrong.

I spent the day sleeping in because I was not feeling too well. I was awoken by my family who asked me to go to the mall with them. While I had no intention of being anything, I figured I would spend some quality time with them.
So I had a nice time window shopping with my cousin and we decided to relax and sit down for a little while our mom's had their share. In this time a complete stranger walks up to my little cousin and I asking for gas money. I informed her I did not have any while my cousin gave her a dollar. She then proceeded to sit next to me and talk on the phone. Apparently she wanted to hook up with a guy and promised to call him a cab (as she suddenly had money). In addition, she said her friend would be giving her a ride to see him. While she is completeing this phone call, she begins to open and handle my cookie cake. A COMPLETE STRANGER WAS TOUCHING MY FOOD. At the end of her call she then proceeded to ask if either of us could give her a ride. Once we said no she continued to handle my cake before asking to have it. I obliged in hopes of getting her to leave. To my continued astonishment, she picked up the cake and went from one person to the next asking for money and rides.
During this traumatic experience I had been playing with my Ipod and believed to have put it away once she left. After describing what had just occured to our mothers, I checked my pants to make sure I had everything, and of course my Ipod was gone. Our search went unwarranted and I went home emptyhanded and mortified.
I tried to put away the fact that I had just had a really bad day and promised to help my aunt put some workout equipment on craigslist. I spent over an hour organizing and listing the equipment which totaled over forty items. I then took pictures with my kodak and attempted to upload them to the same computer I am typing from now...it did not work.

I plan to spend the rest of this day watching ESPN and sleeping, nothing else seems to be going right.

-Wonder Boy

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not Feeling Well

Sleeping in this morning?
Forget about it...

My aunt's cleaning lady arrived promptly an hour late at 9am. As to avoid getting in her way, the family went to one of her condos to renovate. I had no problem with this as I need community service hours anyways. However, my headache and upset stomach begged to differ. I spent the whole day clinching my chest and chugging tylenol and gummies as i ripped up linoleum and covered baseboards.
Of course the best remedy for an upset stomach is McDonald's...right? Well apparently everyone else thought so as I hogged down an Angus (Worst Decision Of My Life)
After returning home I spent the day in bed feeling sorry for myself because I am a wuss. All I needed was some peace and quiet and wait for the storm to pass.
My cousin had other ideas...He spent a solid 5 HOURS playing Call of Duty, yelling at his friends as I moan in pain telling him to keep it down. I felt like an old man using a broom stick to knock on the ceiling to tell my neighbors to shut up. Granted he is thirteen years old, just try telling my stomach that.
Well after a couple regiments of pepto, chicken noodle soup, and a glass of OJ I am starting to recover. Let's just hope the old man in me just stays away for a while.

Another good vid by James Morrison

Monday, February 15, 2010


Independence is a funny thing. All through childhood I wanted to break free from the chains of restriction. I wanted, better yet I needed my space. I had to feel like I controlled all aspects of my life, that I was free to make my own decisions without being told yes or no from authority.

Now a senior in high school, my thirst for independence has greatly impacted my decisions.

I workout and attend MMA classes on a consistent basis because I feel I have control over the outcome. I have the freedom to better myself and gain a sense of pride in what I have accomplished.

One of my six schools I have applied to is in New York State. I have always wanted to get away and now I am so close to fulfilling that longing.

But independence has its drawbacks.

Leaving would mean saying goodbye to my family for extended periods of time. To leave my friends who I have known all my life in order to pursue a life of my own. I will no longer have anyone to rely on but myself..and this is what I have been looking forward to? I'll be the first to admit, I am scared. Scared to make the wrong decision and regret it. I know I have to take chances, I am just not sure I am ready to leave it all behind.

To say the least I am conflicted, and I have a lot to think about in the upcoming months.

Virginia Day 2

I am just waking up and I feel ashamed. Not because I've done something morally wrong, but I have not slept in since July. It feels like a deadly sin and I am waiting for someone to arrest me.

Police: "Are you Austin Hurwitz"

Me: "Umm yes sir, wait is that the right answer?"

Police: "What time did you wake up this morning"

Me: "Around noon si..


Me: "shoot shoot shoot please noooo I thought sleeping was okayyyy (as I am being dragged out)

Okay so if my mind continues like this for the rest of the day I am going to have a serious problem.